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Plastic Pipe Welding Machine

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1.It is suitable for pipes or fittings made of PP,PB, PE, PVDF.

2.PM serial welding adopt manual docking mode.

3.Consists of basic frame, milling cutter, heating plate, steel stand.

4.The main accessories of the welding machines are made by fully automatic aluminum

   casting,rustproof,smooth and stronger.

5.Adopt copper motor for stable performance.

6.High hardness milling cutter ,handle the end face easily and tidy.Welding the pipe more stronger.

7.Thickened non-stick heating plate with uniform heating,improve work efficiency. 



·Pipe Size: 63, 75, 90, 110, 125,140, 160mm

·Temp.Deviation In Surface:  ±3

·Total Power: 1.7KW/220V

·Working Temp: 220℃-270℃

·Welding Efficiency:< 20 Min

·Welding Material:PE PPR PB PVDF


·Pipe Size: 63, 75, 90, 110, 125,140, 160,180,200mm

·Temp.Deviation In Surface: ±3

·Total Power: 2.31KW/220V

·Working Temp: 220℃-270℃

·Welding Efficiency:< 20 Min

·Welding Material:PE PPR PB PVDF


·Pipe Size:  90, 110, 125,140, 160,180,200,225,250mm

·Temp.Deviation In Surface:  ±3

·Total Power: 3.15KW/220V

·Working Temp: 220℃-270℃

·Welding Efficiency:< 20 Min

·Welding Material:PE PPR PB PVDF


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