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Foldable Pipe Support

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1107/1109 series of metal pipe bracket, can be usd with pipe threading machine, pipe grooving machine, pipe cutting machine and etc, adopt tripod support, solid and reliable, high and low adjustable, it is easy to use. With folding design, space saving, is an ideal pipe supporting tools.

Remark:''V'' shape head is for 1107A/B/C

             Shape head with One set of univeral ball is for 1107A-I/B-I/C-I

             Shape head with two sets of univeral ball is for 1107A-II/B-II/C-II            


·Model: 1107A

·Max Pipe Capacity:12"

·Height Adjustable Capacity:71-131 CM

·Max Load-bearing Weight:1130KGS

·Gross/Net Weight:14.3/13.3 KGS

·Packing Size:80*25*20 CM


·Model: 1107B

·Max Pipe Capacity:12"

·Height Adjustable Capacity:60-108 CM

·Max load-bearing weight:1130KGS

·Gross/Net Weight:12.8/11.8 KGS

·Packing Size:67*26*20 CM


·Model: 1107C

·Max Pipe Capacity:12"

·Height Adjustable Capacity:50.5-93.5 CM

·Max load-bearing weight:1130KGS

·Gross/Net Weight:11.8/10.8 KGS

·Packing Size:67*26*20 CM 

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